Gone Plant Mad…


I went a little plant mad* the other day and crammed my car with a stifling assortment of discounted herbs (discounted because it IS August no matter my insistence that summer has only just begun…) and the most exciting of them all was this scented geranium. Just look at it’s unwieldy, devil may care demeanor! Just consider for a moment all the charming old timey flavors that sugar will wrestle from its leaves.


The Most Complex Recipe:

1. Grab a mason jar and layer in an inch or two of sugar and then tuck a leaf or two into the jar and cover with some more sugar.


2. Repeat. Pop a lid on it.


3. Forget about it in a sunny window for approximately two weeks.


4. Ok, now remember! And then, I don’t know… probably make a cocktail or frost some tiny cookies? Make little sugar cubes after daydreaming about these Angostura laced numbers? Sprinkle over your magical lawn strawberries? Which reminds me, have you all seen my magical lawn strawberries? Look!


Finding these carpeting my lovingly neglected yard was like finding a fairy in a empty can of Schlitz.  C

*Shout out to Anderson’s Greenhouse in Two Harbors. Super great assortment of plants and incredibly likable and knowledgeable people. Also, the lady who helped us had amazing jewelry/style. Worth. The. Drive.



Mike Bredon v. Cohen Brothers

Uh oh! Twitter is afire with Handsome Dads carping about the glaring inaccuracies inflicted upon us by the careless, some would say downright reckless Cohen Brothers:



It seems like we just can’t count on these Hollywood BIGWIGS to accurately depict our fair city. If only there was a local film maker we could support in hopes of giving a more realistic version of Bemidji some screen time. If only…



Oh! There we go! From what I can tell Lazarus is a totally factual documentary about Bemidji wherein most of the people are zombies and the world revolves around Mike Bredon. Or maybe it’s a horror movie…

I get confused. At any rate, it certainly has some serious Bemidji cache, some amazing actors (Amongst many other fine examples, friend of Town Hollow Jesse Whiting makes an appearance*…) and I would assume that if Mike makes his $30,000 goal it will be quite the blockbuster. Show some monetary love over at the Lazarus Kickstarter Page, won’t you? C

* Oops. I have been notified that Jesse is NOT in Lazarus.  My bad. In my defense, I think that Jesse is in ALL movies.



The Impending Glory of Lamb n’ Ham…

We are hosting our first holiday and that holiday shall henceforth be known as Lamb n’ Ham!

Ok. You can call it Easter if you want but maybe you should just think about my new name because I think it’s pretty classy and descriptive. I’ve been brainstorming and carefully accounting for any and all potentialities but a few things are certain:

1. Andy keeps buying pieces of meat that outsize our little old roper stove and possibly the kitchen in general and…
2. We will be feeding 15ish people and one monsterously adorable toddler (see below).

So, yes. There will be lamb and there will be ham, and there will be hungry people. As for the rest of it I’m still connecting the dots. I thought about using an entire wall in the house and covering it with newspaper clippings and scrawled notes connected by strings but instead I’m just going to put some nice pictures down right here and see how everything looks…

1.Bon Appetit 2.Go Greece 3.My Gourmet Connection 4.Martha Stewart 5.Food Network 6. BBC Good Food 7.Food Network

If we play our cards right we will be able to cover all our Easter bases, getting all the Greek trappings from Andy’s side (His mom always does amazing spanikopita and bread and then there are these fun eggs…) AND all the curious underpinnings from my side. Have you heard of Easter Potatoes a.k.a Company Potatoes ? I have been known to bitch about them but they are admittedly comforting and everybody loves them except me. I’ve given my mom too much grief about cream of mushroom soup to ever attempt to make them on my own but I’ll split the difference and make scalloped potatoes (Apparently Julia Child has a way with them, go figure). And last time I was home, my Dad requested Blackjack Crisp, Blackjacks being what he says his Oklahoman Grandma called some form of Blackberry. The internet has no idea what he’s talking about so… Martha Stewart?

So. Much. Food.

Maybe I do need that wall. C

Hootch Pas Deux…


Remember that time we made hootch back at my apartment? Well I lugged the damn thing over to New House and it’s spent the last 8 months turning into a questionable liqueur. It’s sweet and sort of burny. Like fairy gasoline.

At any rate, it’s time to bottle it up. I’ve been saving champagne bottles from work and I bought the plastic stoppers and wire hoods at Wine Creations in Hermantown.

Tip: Maybe practice using your siphon tubing with water before you start bottling up your champagne? I did not, and, as a result, my house smells like a bunch of moms had a wine cooler party that got out of hand.


Once it’s in the bottles, wade through the puddles of wine on your floor and gather some sugar and a packet of champagne yeast. Sandor Katz (If you’ll recall, his book Wild Fermentation was the impetus for this, our first foray into wine making… ) recommends adding some sugar and a few grains of yeast to the bottles before sealing them up, wiping them off and putting them on a basement shelf before realizing they wouldn’t be warm enough there and then hauling them upstairs to hang out by your cookbooks on the mystery step in the littlest warmest room in the house. See?


Now we wait a month or so and hope that things get bubbly.  Stay tuned for an  La Troisieme Partie Party where we see what sort of palatable cocktails we can make with this hootch.  C

Tub for Wednesday…


Via Miss Peelpants

Plan of Attack: Change NOTHING, because this is obviously perfect and a work of art. Instead, set about making yourself worthy of such splendor. I feel as though this is the sort of bathtub in which one needs to wear lipstick and probably a turban. Have someone else fix you a Pink Lady in a tiny vintage martini glass and make sure they use this Rosehip Grenadine from City of Daughters. Once they bring it to you, you should say something like “That will be all…” and don’t worry too much if they give you a shitty look. Also, you should be using some sort of bath product that smells like a million fancy ladies. C