How to avoid wearing pants…

While contemplating that enviable loft from earlier I took stock of my current lounge wear and decided I could probably step it up a bit. I do love my threadbare pajama bottoms and my Hatch Show Print t-shirt. But did you know….


I’m sticking with “Tap Pants” because calling them any derivative of underwear takes them from being cozy and adorable to weirdly bulky diaper-butt territory. These are an outer layer, people. Unfortunately they appear to be impossible to locate beyond their spectral presence on Pinterest so I may have to resort to sweat shopping my talented knitting friends.


6 thoughts on “How to avoid wearing pants…

  1. If a person owned these I think that she would have to wear them out of the house–for surely they would cause some heightened emotional reactions: want, wonder, extreme approval–they seem to be the kind of outerwear that remind people to really live.

  2. You know what Moll? You’re absolutely right. And I would add that they should probably be worn in a near matching manner with a close friend? And we should wear some fake hair!
    I mean…
    those hypothetical friends should wear some fake hair. Hypothetically.

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