Links! Mostly about grapefruit for some reason…


-Tonight at work I saw a case of grapefruit in the walk in and now I can’t stop thinking about how best to work them into all parts of my day. I’m thinking this for breakfast, and then this salad for lunch, dinner and all snacks in between alongside the Lee Brother’s fried chicken.

-Speaking of fried chicken (as I am wont to do), did you know that something has happened in Toronto that basically makes all other restaurants obsolete in my mind? That something is Paulette’s Original Doughnuts and Chicken. I hate myself for not thinking of this, a hate that can probably only be soothed by fried chicken and doughnuts at the same time.

-Jane Feltes gives really good advice on girlish things and she does it in a funny and endearing manner. If your anything like me, you’ll watch all of her How to Be a Girl videos in a row and then try ALL THE THINGS AT ONCE thus rendering yourself completely terrifying and pretty slutty looking.

-Cheer inducing: Hyperbole and a Half.

-Let’s bring this full circle and listen to me talk about grapefruits some more? I forgot about how fun it is to pair grapefruit with….BOOZE! Enter The Pink Paloma which would afford me the opportunity to buy this tequila that I’ve had my eye on.


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