Internet Madness!


I was complaining to Andy the other day that my eyes were feeling sore, and that maybe I should go in for a eye checkup when he suggested that, perhaps…just perhaps I was spending too much time on the computer? Hmm?

(So I guess I don’t get to buy any cute glasses. I was going to nail the sexy librarian look. But I digress.)

How does a person blog, or learn the skills I hope to learn without coming down with some serious internet madness?  I have the type of personality that makes me feel as though I need to read all of the internet every morning over coffee. I have to finish the internet! And the more time I spend rooting around the more the internet grows!

Here’s what I’ve got thus far:

  • Setting time limits. Though I haven’t pinned down the ideal amount of time with which I can be productive without feeling batty, this keeps me from wandering down any internet rabbit holes and for the most part keeps me on task. I set a timer on my phone because otherwise…I cheat.
  • I read about Instapaper in a post over at Zenhabits and so far I like it. It saves articles to read later in what seems like a more distraction free environment.
  • Admitting that I might not be able to digest Twitter. I don’t think my brain is suited to it and I don’t really wish it to become so.

So that’s what I’m working with currently. In closing I would like to add that you should read Is Google Making Us Stupid? if you haven’t already. And then you should reward yourself for your deep reading by looking at this picture of a cat wearing glasses….. C



6 thoughts on “Internet Madness!

  1. First, those are adorable glasses! If overdoing the internet leads to loss of eyesight, it really won’t be so bad with those puppies!

    Secondly, thanks for the cat picture reward.

    Thirdly, great post! I can identify and I like the tips.

    • Moll…If my eyes turn out to be fine, can I start wearing fake glasses? I’m also probably going to get fake braces so my mouth looks a little more youthful.

  2. I tried to read that google article, but it was just too long. I took the cat reward anyways and I’m not feeling any guilt.

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