Uffda. And Links…



We’re running a new menu at work. It is fantastic. But all the learning and running and long shifts have worn me straight out. So I’m going to tell you guys about a few things and then i’m going to drink this gimlet and watch some 30 Rock. It’s going to be a damn fine time. Side note: I think gimlets are what fancy ladies would drink in Oz.

Potato fruit and aggressively screaming animals: Foods that can cause hallucinations, over at Bon Appetit.

Ugly but delicious: Crock pot french dips. I made these last week and loved them. I solemnly declare that everyone should eat more home made sandwiches. Let these be the kick off.

I’m a dismally late adapter. As I mentioned earlier I still don’t really get twitter and I just last week heard of Girl Talk by stumbling upon this short movie. It has since become my go-to workout music and I have to consciously stop myself from dancing on the treadmill. Because I think we can all agree that no one wants to run next to that person.

This place is on the list for my next vacation. Beautiful trailers at El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas. C


4 thoughts on “Uffda. And Links…

  1. Do you remember Alex in Minneapolis? He took us to that 80’s dance party…On our 2nd date or whatever he brought me a cd that he said would change my life. “GIRL TALK”. Amazing. Mashups are fantastic!!! I’m so glad you like it too, we can be bonded in music for once (Besides Rick Astley, of course).

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