Space Queen…


Look at her! 1952 Space Queen! There’s no chance of anything going wrong on a structural level with this one, right? Solid.

But what I’d really like is a old Spartan or a Yellowstone. I’ve got my fingers crossed to see one out in a field, hiding in some tall grass, at which point I will offer to buy it from some kind grandpa-type in coveralls with a nice dog and he will say gruffly “Just take it!” Because really, he just wants to see it taken care of, and I seem like a nice girl.

And I really do SEEM to be a nice girl! So it works out great. And Andy let’s me park it in the yard at New House until I find Lady Land and our new neighbors will think “How fun! That adorable couple is filling up their yard with trailer houses!” and I will twirl in circles and laugh merrily. C

1. Hepcat Restorations 2. Unknown 3. Tiny House Swoon 4. Tin Can Tourists


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