Snack Vision Quest…

Last night I drank half a bottle of wine and was visited by a snack vision so intense and all consuming that I was left with no choice but to act on it.


(Also I really need to go grocery shopping.)

This is, apparently, a very top secret snack because it has a surprisingly dismal internet presence. But this should not deter you. I can walk you through it! It has just three simple, yet totally gourmet ingredients:

  1. Cheese
  2. Saltines

(Ok, now put those in the oven. Or on a paper plate in the microwave if you’re boozy and don’t want to burn your house down. And enjoy!)

I’ll bet you’re thinking “Hey Chelsy, can I get a little background on this delightful looking snack?”

You sure can. My only living memory of this snack before this magical night, comes from Molly’s mom who was also well versed in N/A Grasshoppers and Spaghetti Pie. Friends, you haven’t lived until you’ve dined on grasshoppers and Spaghettti pie at age 13 while listening to Joseph and the Amazing Technicholor Dream Coat. Screw you Thomas Keller! I’ll take my meal in a bean bag chair while reading this Sassy magazine. And could you pass me that Caboodles? I need some lip gloss. C


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