Naked Ladies* and Proper Under Eye Circles…

NorthAmericaI-V2-024So I’ve really been into naked ladies lately. It started when I watched this movie (which was wonderful, by the way) and saw Helen Hunt, who is 49, bare ass naked and looking really pretty and comfortable and normal. And I thought “Why am I finding this so novel?” I should know what naked ladies look like!

Yet truth be told most of my female friends are never nudes and I only recently joined a gym and even more recently managed to pick my eyes up off the floor and not change in the time honored middle school fashion of using your shirt like a sort of nudity proof cocoon.

But honestly! Every time I see women’s bodies in the media, they just don’t look like what they should look like. And I used to think it wasn’t that big of a deal but IT IS A BIG DEAL. And once I started to think about how bizarre this all was, I started to notice things everywhere. For example, check out this link to before and after gifs of photo shopped celebrities. Are you not simultaneously relieved and horrified? Why the hell do they do that! I happen to have disproportionately high self esteem and I still breathed a sigh of relief when I saw Nicole Richie’s under eye circles. And those after photos make everyone look like teenage aliens. And we are brainwashed into thinking this is normal. It’s not. It’s actually rather horrifying. And yes, I realize this is probably, like, Feminism 101, but my point is, I was always sort of skeptical and now I’m not. Shit is fucked up. Lady-wise.

However! On the opposite side of the spectrum is this obviously wonderful, decidedly heartening project (apparently by a Minneapolis photographer? How nice!) Happy naked ladies! All shapes, all sizes. There needs to be more things like this around.

*A note to my mother who worries: I know that you are not a fan of me talking about sex or naked ladies on the internet. But I must assure you again that, should any deviant perverts encounter this site they will undoubtedly grow bored and  find better fodder elsewhere as the internet is a wide and wondrous chasm of sexual possibilities. Also the only people who read this are you, and like, 5 of my friends. And God knows I’ve said worse ( way, way, worse ) to all of you at some point. Oh and also I love you and you are the best mom in the world! The whole wide world!


Grand Marais Travel Guide…


Last night I only dreamt of sausage making for approximately half the night. The night before it was a solid eight hours of dreams where I was busily putting any number of items into sausage casings (books, cellphones, clothing) and mucking through rooms filled with ground meat. This is what two full workdays of sausage making will do to your subconscious. (Full guide and more pics after the jump!) Continue reading

In Uniform…


I just dropped some serious tax return change on these boots. My heart is still racing a little…I think in order to pump the blood to my brain so as better to repeat the mantra “I will wear them with everything. I will wear them for many years to come”.


I’ve been thinking a lot about uniforms lately after doing some reading about Ray Eames (I also have to find time to watch this documentary). She is always meticulously dressed in simple silhouettes. Picture after picture, it’s full skirts and crisp white shirts with slight variations and tweaks. A uniform! I want one!


I also happened upon this amazing post which not only references Jeff Goldblum but breaks down wardrobe basics in a way that satiated any and every Virgo compulsion I have ever had regarding clothes. I’m really going to start thinking about what I really like and what I feel and look good in. I’ll keep you guys updated. In the mean time, those boots are a good start. Because hey, I will wear them with everything! I will wear them for many years to come! WITH EVERYTHING! FOR YEARS! C