It’s, uh, REALLY cold. Everywhere I go it’s freezing. It’s as if I’m in that tiny Swedish A-frame and everything else (the gym for example) is waaaay over that mountain. I’m not going over the mountain.

  • Dr. Singha’s. I don’t understand it, but I like it. Plus it turns your bathwater a somewhat off putting shade of milky neon yellow.
  • “What would you be willing to do, all day long, even if no one paid you a dime?” This question always gave me rage fantasies and I’m glad I’m not alone. Here’s Alexandra Franzen on why it’s so very infuriating:

    “Because the things Iā€™d be willing to do ā€” all day long ā€” even if no one paid me a dime include: sleeping, taking luxurious yoga classes, making elaborate sandwiches for my own personal consumption, walking aimlessly & possibly purchasing a Voluspa candle, watching old episodes of The X-Files, and having sex.”

    She goes on to list the questions we should be asking. Smart lady.

  • An excellent concept on the vegetable frontier: The Keeper Salad.
  • The Detroit Now and Then project.
  • There are only a handful of media related things that I seriously look forward to every week, two of which are 30 Rock and How Was Your Week with Julie Klausner. 30 Rock had it’s series finale this week, at which I cried like a moron during the Rural Juror song. Yep! I cried at that! THAT’S HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT SHOW. In happier news, HWYW celebrated it’s 100th podcast with aplomb. I hope she does 1,000 more. C

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