Glamour Shots…


I’ve been trying to take a photo of myself to put in the ol’ About section over there. I’d like it to make me look exceedingly pretty and fun. I’m starting to think, however, that my Iphone camera is haunted by a photo ghost that only allows me to capture my visage in the throws of bitch face or Marty Feldman splendor.

Will some one with a nice camera and creative genius take some pictures of me? (That someone’s name might rhyme with Rick Bunsdahl? Dara Deuce?)

Help meeeeee! C


9 thoughts on “Glamour Shots…

    • You got to see the one in which I utilized props (bird whistle) and wound up looking like a stoned hooker. Imagine more of the same but with additional chins and shadows making cameo appearances.

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