In Uniform…


I just dropped some serious tax return change on these boots. My heart is still racing a little…I think in order to pump the blood to my brain so as better to repeat the mantra “I will wear them with everything. I will wear them for many years to come”.


I’ve been thinking a lot about uniforms lately after doing some reading about Ray Eames (I also have to find time to watch this documentary). She is always meticulously dressed in simple silhouettes. Picture after picture, it’s full skirts and crisp white shirts with slight variations and tweaks. A uniform! I want one!


I also happened upon this amazing post which not only references Jeff Goldblum but breaks down wardrobe basics in a way that satiated any and every Virgo compulsion I have ever had regarding clothes. I’m really going to start thinking about what I really like and what I feel and look good in. I’ll keep you guys updated. In the mean time, those boots are a good start. Because hey, I will wear them with everything! I will wear them for many years to come! WITH EVERYTHING! FOR YEARS! C


11 thoughts on “In Uniform…

  1. When I was in high school I had a sort of self imposed uniform. Basic 90’s baggy jeans, a white tank top and an overly large men’s button down shirt, worn open, preferably military. And just the other day I was feeling nostalgic and bought a men’s style button down shirt. I find it weird and comforting. Like slipping into a costume of my former self.

  2. I also really like the idea of a uniform (and in the past I wanted to adopt something like this: There is something very satisfying behind the concept of purchasing good quality/basic/classic items that could be worn in a variety of ways. Yet I have such a hard time purging my closet of all the useless items…I mean, I might need that terrycloth onesie someday…right?

    • I think the only clear solution is to have two closets. One for uniforms and one for costumes! Or perhaps it would be more fitting to have a giant steamer trunk for the costumes? With a roomy compartment for wigs.

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