Monkey Island…


Since the devastating loss of our pizza and cheese stores, I’ve talked about the incident to a number of friends some of whom have offered alternate theories to the raccoon hypothesis.

Winner for most terrifying was Molly who quickly assumed that it was people who clawed through our cooler and dragged the pizza into the the woods. The idea of feral cliff dwellers foraging for pizza and cheese while I sleep is…unsettling?

Winner for most fascinating side story resulting from a theory is Nick who calmly accepted my joke that I thought it was probably baby monkeys.

N: “It could be monkeys. There are monkeys in Virginia.”

C: “Oh yeah? What kind of monkeys?”

N: “Fountain Monkeys.”

I was skeptical but further research (I.e. asking Andy) turned up a Monkey Island! Click on the picture above to read an article about Olcott Park and how cool things were during the 40’s. (Monkey-wise. Probably not-much of-anything-else-wise.) C


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