#28 Eat Dim Sum…


I was in Minneapolis last weekend for a play and a lady hang and finally got to go out for Dim Sum. If you’re unfamiliar, here is a pretty good rundown over at Serious Eats which makes it very apparent that I have yet to scratch the surface of Dim Sum.

(Note: I plan on scratching the surface then rabidly digging at the next available opportunity.)

We went to Yangtze on a friends recommendation and loved it. If you’re in Minneapolis you should go there on Sunday and then send me your leftovers in the mail. C


2 thoughts on “#28 Eat Dim Sum…

  1. What are these “leftovers” you speak of?

    Happy to hear you enjoyed your time in our city! I’ve been wondering about finding a good, proper dim sum place, so this is a nice start along with Thon Pham’s.

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