In which I triumph over sleep deprivation…


Day one really started off with a bang when I woke up at 4am and could not will myself back to sleep. Which is just as well seeing as the sleep I had been getting was thoroughly corrupted by pizza induced night terrors (Because, yes, last night  I did eat a lions share of pizza and drank, let’s just say…enough IPA).

To begin, a green smoothie that I didn’t blend long enough because the noise a blender makes is directly linked to the hour of the day you are using it and at 630, when you’ve been awake for two and a half hours said blender is god awful loud. Later I made the aforementioned curried pumpkin soup from over at 101 cookbooks and threw in some fridge and pantry debris for good measure (garlic, onion, swiss chard bits and cilantro stems). Doing my best not to slack on the garnish, I sauteed some pepitas in butter till they were popping and the butter was brown and spooned some on top and also into my mouth.

Lastly, I made my first foray onto the Superior Hiking Trail, got a little lost, met a nice man and his dog named rusty who pointed me out of the underbrush I was stumbling around in. In closing, I’ve rarely been as excited about soup or the prospect of my bedtime arriving. C


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