In which I hesitantly cook turkey bacon…


Molly and I were out running errands today and I remarked that although (as previously mentioned) I honestly enjoy reading about other peoples routines/trivialities it feels a little odd to be regaling you all with what I ate and where I ran. She countered that everything about the internet is weird and that I was to keep writing about my week of booze-less vegetable fueled mania. So I will.

One way to get through a cleanse is to totally make up what it’s going to consist of, thus making yourself pretty immune to failure. A big part of this for me is putting butter and bacon onto and into all my meals. Well. Not the smoothies. Even I’m not that big of a pervert. I thought I’d give turkey bacon a try, but when I got it home it looked like scary meat teeth….


It’s appearance improved a bit in the oven and it tastes “good” athough there’s that nagging feeling that you’re eating dog treats. Yeah, that feeling. Don’t act like you don’t know it. In happier culinary news, I made a dressing out of the pan drippings from some chicken and mushrooms by adding lemon, buttermilk and a little mayo and then beating in some olive oil. It’s really good and I’m going to drown some salad to death with it later.  C


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