In which I exercise restraint when faced with tiny burgers…


Dave Moreira (Sharp dresser and artist extraordinaire) had his opening reception at the DAI on Thursday with music by the ever-adored Fever Dream. I looked on with tears in my eyes as tiny burgers and twee hotdogs orbited around me and then I snapped myself out of it and went home to finish dinner…


Korean barbeque is unfailingly good. Just google around a bit and you’ll get the idea. I bought mirin for the first time and really like the dimension it adds to things. Sadly missing from the mix was gochujang so I mcgyvered it with some chili sauce and miso, but next time I’m in the Cities I’m stocking up.

Earlier in the day I forwent a run in favor of taming the front flower bed that had been growing steadily more depressing as spring came on. I shoveled and pulled and hollered out piles of spooky roots and dead bushes including the collection featured below that look like witch fingers.


And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, here is a picture of a smoothie and a bear. See you all Monday when we can start planning the demise of the county’s bread and wine stores. C




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