Two things…


This post is about two really important things. First off, the internet has alerted me to the fine art of Cat Bearding probably about two years after all the 22 year olds of the world have long forgotten it’s glory. Upon discovering this phenomenon I immediately texted my dear friend Slad to demand that she drop everything but her cat and send me some beard pics. But you guys. She’s going to a BUSH CONCERT.

Which brings me to the second point. If she’s going to go to shows like that shouldn’t she be required to write music reviews for my blog? If there’s any doubt in your mind here is some private correspondence that I did not ask for permission to share in which she discusses Prince:

“Fun Fact: Prince announced that he will play 6 shows at the Dakota (tiny restaurant/bar in downtown). He’s done about 2 of those shows and the tickets sold out within minutes and it’s all anyone on the radio can talk about. They talk about him like he’s this eccentric little wood nymph that startles easily and has the power of a great wizard. “He seemed like he was in a good mood. He joked with the audience a little and played the entire show.” “He came out wearing a white suit, holding a baton, and sporting old LA Gear light up hi-tops…”

See! I want to read more! And I can only imagine that my 5-10 daily readers (jealous?) feel the same way. C



4 thoughts on “Two things…

  1. Pretty please, Slad? I am sorry I don’t have any additional pictures of shirtless musicians from the nineties with which to persuade you. I could read your descriptions of Prince all day.

    • Beth! You’re dropping the ball! How are we supposed to persuade her without additional shirtless pictures! I’m going to go google the following: Tripping Daisy Shirtless, Stone Temple Pilots Shirtless, Eddie Vedder Shirtless. And then our work begins!

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