I had so much fun last night at Throwing Shade Live in Minneapolis that my head exploded in nauseating migrane pain! Yes! That much fun! And so, as much as I want to regale you with all the details, it’ll have to wait till next week. I’m off to make a dent in my couch and my Netflix queue. C


How we mow…


At the New House we have this big beautiful double lot which means a whole lot of yard potentialities. But until we get some dirt trucked in and some water averted, the only certainty was that the grass kept getting longer and more sinister looking. So yesterday I went to Marshall Hardware (the best hardware store with the nicest folks) and bought one of those old timey yet new fangled push mowers.

And then I went to the gym and did an excessive amount of pushups and free weights.

I should have known from my experience hacking out a spot for  the tiniest tomato garden last week, that yard work is really all the gym one needs in a given day. But rather than learn from my mistakes, I readied myself by not wearing any sunscreen, not drinking any water and by waiting patiently for the hottest and most humid part of the day to begin my lawn maintenance.

I think at one point my soul left my body and went in search of air conditioning and pop on ice. When it returned it found me talking to our lovely neighbor who had taken pity on me and brought over his gas mower to borrow and GOD BLESS HIS SWEET HEART. Because it was madness to take a manual mower into that dandelion jungle. The sheer joy of having a yard to play with had turned me into an idiot.

So now the yard has been tamed somewhat and I hope that the new little mower will be able to keep it under control. It didn’t come with directions but now that I’ve done a little research, I think part of the problem is that I didn’t buy Andy and I near-matching shirts, nor did I wear my white shorts. And did I ask him to accompany me in my mowing by standing behind me and helping me push? Foolishly, I did not. C


Things the internet told me last weekend (SUPERMOON EDITION)…

  • This song is infectious and the video is lovely.
  • Wolf Puppy lives in a graveyard and has beautiful hair and wants to tell you something important about the super moon.
  • Once upon a time, a boy had the gall to tell me that I was his Boof. If he had every bothered to pay attention while I was say, playing air guitar on a moving vehicle or shotgunning beers using my fangs he would have known that I was not, in fact, his Boof, I was clearly Scott Howard and I belonged to the world. Here is a then and now of the actors from the classic, timeless treasure that is Teen Wolf.

Toilet Trees…


When I was little and I would ask my Mom what I was getting for Christmas she would sometimes tell me Toilet Trees. Which brought to mind shrubbery with porcelain bowls hanging, fruit-like, from branches strung with toilet paper. When I figured out what toiletries actually were, I was thrilled and expectant as I am and always have been a sucker for some beauty products.

Here are some things that are currently working for me. Clockwise:

Safety Razor– I’ve always wanted to try one of these because I find them so very aesthetically pleasing but I was afraid I’d butcher my skin. Turns out they work great as long as one stays a little mindful and I’d wager that the shave is closer.

Smashbox Matte Lipstick– I have the Infrared Matte and plan on getting the Electric Pink Matte. They STAY ON. No jokes. Also they don’t have a weird smell or taste and the pigment is bright and lush looking. Every once and awhile I think that I can just buy drugstore brand lipstick at which point I find myself looking like a toddler with koolaid mouth. And they always taste like I sprayed decades old Avon perfume directly into my mouth. Never again! Smashbox only!

Aura Cacia “Chill Pill” Essential Oil– It’s got just enough Patchouli to sate the 23 year old that still lives in my heart but it’s tempered by orange and lavender and basil.

Living Proof– Jennifer Aniston and I are both telling you this stuff is great. Please don’t shit all over our good advice, ok? Just go get it and then smell your shiny, perfect hair and then write us a nice thank you note. C

Things the internet told me last weekend…

  • Where do I start? I was reminded of the TOTAL PERFECTION of this song by Julie Klausner (who also happens to be total perfection, but I digress…) I’m gearing up to rewatch this movie by performing this song into my full length mirror at regular intervals. Also: tiny wearable drums, trailer house stage and a dress MADE OUT OF HAIR. There. I think that about covers it.
  • I made mojitos last night and discovered how much I love fancy muddled cocktails when they don’t cost $12. These spicy, herb laden numbers are next on the list.
  • Seed Cycling is rumored to knock out PMS by adding various seeds to your diet  at different times of the month. Not covered under this plan: eating Nutella or Peanut Sauce with a spoon you made from bread.
  • Aaron Maret’s Pocket Shelter is a refreshing take on the tiny house. Great design.
  • Because we should all keep more food in our purses, 101 Cookbooks gives us The Salad Booster.

Dad! Hey Dad!


Happy Father’s Day! I am so lucky to have a dad like you! You’ve put up with me through my militant teenage animal rights phase right up to my last visit where you armed me with a slingshot to fight the good fight against the racoon gangs of West Duluth. Your expertise at drumming Wipeout on a steering wheel and singing the Auctioneer Song was flawless to my young ears. You were right about a lot of things that I doubted you you on, from the big life stuff to the little things  like hunting and country music (But to be clear: wild duck still tastes like sawdust and that year when you played The Tractors on repeat in the car was torturous.)

I love you so very much! See you next weekend! C