True enough…


“I do not regret the things I’ve done, but those I did not do.”

-Lucas from Empire Records*

*On a related note, I really think that our community would be well served if I threw an Empire Records themed party. Or maybe a group Halloween costume?

BUT! Consider this! With the theme party we could listen to that whole terrible, lovable soundtrack on repeat! When was the last time you got drunk to Coyote Shivers? (Never you say? But you’ve often dreamed of doing so? Me too!)

I should probably get to pick who goes as who. So start being nice to me or I’ll assign you A.J. and everyone will hate you. C


9 thoughts on “True enough…

  1. Okay, so I have been thinking about this for awhile and I would like to be Rex Manning’s manager (Jane??) and I think that Keith should be Joe.

      • Well, I was sort of saving Lucas for myself but Emily says that Tom has a lot of black turtlenecks so he might get it. And if Slad doesn’t want to be Gina then the next obvious choice is for her to go as Berko (aka Coyote Shivers). So many choices! P.S. I’m in Bemidji so holler if you want to grab a drink or coffee!

  2. P.S. There’s a photo of Tom on his FB page where he’s dressed like Lucas. I think it’s his senior picture.

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