Things the internet told me last weekend…

  • Where do I start? I was reminded of the TOTAL PERFECTION of this song by Julie Klausner (who also happens to be total perfection, but I digress…) I’m gearing up to rewatch this movie by performing this song into my full length mirror at regular intervals. Also: tiny wearable drums, trailer house stage and a dress MADE OUT OF HAIR. There. I think that about covers it.
  • I made mojitos last night and discovered how much I love fancy muddled cocktails when they don’t cost $12. These spicy, herb laden numbers are next on the list.
  • Seed Cycling is rumored to knock out PMS by adding various seeds to your diet  at different times of the month. Not covered under this plan: eating Nutella or Peanut Sauce with a spoon you made from bread.
  • Aaron Maret’s Pocket Shelter is a refreshing take on the tiny house. Great design.
  • Because we should all keep more food in our purses, 101 Cookbooks gives us The Salad Booster.

2 thoughts on “Things the internet told me last weekend…

  1. The salad booster sounds like a good idea, way better than my purse cookies. Mmm, purse cookies. By the way thanks again for introducing me to Julie Klausner.

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