Toilet Trees…


When I was little and I would ask my Mom what I was getting for Christmas she would sometimes tell me Toilet Trees. Which brought to mind shrubbery with porcelain bowls hanging, fruit-like, from branches strung with toilet paper. When I figured out what toiletries actually were, I was thrilled and expectant as I am and always have been a sucker for some beauty products.

Here are some things that are currently working for me. Clockwise:

Safety Razor– I’ve always wanted to try one of these because I find them so very aesthetically pleasing but I was afraid I’d butcher my skin. Turns out they work great as long as one stays a little mindful and I’d wager that the shave is closer.

Smashbox Matte Lipstick– I have the Infrared Matte and plan on getting the Electric Pink Matte. They STAY ON. No jokes. Also they don’t have a weird smell or taste and the pigment is bright and lush looking. Every once and awhile I think that I can just buy drugstore brand lipstick at which point I find myself looking like a toddler with koolaid mouth. And they always taste like I sprayed decades old Avon perfume directly into my mouth. Never again! Smashbox only!

Aura Cacia “Chill Pill” Essential Oil– It’s got just enough Patchouli to sate the 23 year old that still lives in my heart but it’s tempered by orange and lavender and basil.

Living Proof– Jennifer Aniston and I are both telling you this stuff is great. Please don’t shit all over our good advice, ok? Just go get it and then smell your shiny, perfect hair and then write us a nice thank you note. C


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