How we mow…


At the New House we have this big beautiful double lot which means a whole lot of yard potentialities. But until we get some dirt trucked in and some water averted, the only certainty was that the grass kept getting longer and more sinister looking. So yesterday I went to Marshall Hardware (the best hardware store with the nicest folks) and bought one of those old timey yet new fangled push mowers.

And then I went to the gym and did an excessive amount of pushups and free weights.

I should have known from my experience hacking out a spot for  the tiniest tomato garden last week, that yard work is really all the gym one needs in a given day. But rather than learn from my mistakes, I readied myself by not wearing any sunscreen, not drinking any water and by waiting patiently for the hottest and most humid part of the day to begin my lawn maintenance.

I think at one point my soul left my body and went in search of air conditioning and pop on ice. When it returned it found me talking to our lovely neighbor who had taken pity on me and brought over his gas mower to borrow and GOD BLESS HIS SWEET HEART. Because it was madness to take a manual mower into that dandelion jungle. The sheer joy of having a yard to play with had turned me into an idiot.

So now the yard has been tamed somewhat and I hope that the new little mower will be able to keep it under control. It didn’t come with directions but now that I’ve done a little research, I think part of the problem is that I didn’t buy Andy and I near-matching shirts, nor did I wear my white shorts. And did I ask him to accompany me in my mowing by standing behind me and helping me push? Foolishly, I did not. C



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