Things the internet told me last weekend…

  • Found and remembered fondly while looking for ukelele songs to butcher, The Rolling Stones sing Sweet Virginia.
  • Remember when I was bragging about how I’m too classy to drink 7up in my wine on ice? Well, I’ll know better then to go running my mouth like that again! Here it is, the “Red Wine of Summer” a.k.a the  Tinto de Verano,
  • I was listening to the Splendid Table podcast a few weeks back when Lucinda Scala Quinn was talking about her mom’s meatloaf. The words “spicy ketchup reservoir” lodged in my brain and have been haunting me ever since. I’m making it tonight and if it goes well, all my food will have reservoirs from here on out.
  • Man alive, I love The Selby. And I love it even more when it features a tiny perfect canal boat home. Especially the little stove with the green tile surround. And also especially the big plaid blanket on the bed. C

Enough about the goddamn Tall Ships! Let’s talk about me…


Tall Ships, blah blah blah. Here is your requisitory topless lady pirate. Can we move on now? Because I’d really like to talk about how I’ve brought 100 priceless blog posts into this cruel, tourist laden world.

Horn, blown. Back, patted by myself. What should we do now? Is it goal setting time? Here’s what I’ve been thinking, feel free to chime in with your assorted wisdoms:

1. I get a big girl camera and escape from Instagram island.

2. I make virtual friends with other bloggers. (Saying that feels like asking to sit at a certain lunch table in middle school. I can almost feel my braces and smell the Caribbean Cool tinged panic…)

3. I start interviewing people who I find interesting. (Do I find you interesting? Stay tuned to find out for sure!)

Oh, and guys? Thanks for reading and sharing and egging me on. It honestly means the world to me. C


Lazy Tiger Salad…


We can’t stop eating this and here’s why:

1. You can put anything into it and it still tastes both delicious and virtuous.

2. The dressing is just two things. Rice wine vinegar (seasoned or season your own) and toasted sesame oil.

3. I’ve discovered I like cucumber peels in my boxed wine. (Also, ice cubes. What? It’s not as if I’m topping it off with Sprite! Jeesh. Like you’re so fancy…)


When the tiger salad craze began it looked more like this. But then i figured out that I could just grab anything in sight and cover it in that enchanted dressing and it would be rendered not only edible but delightfully so. But its really at its best when it hosts big pile of cucumbers with some sliced peppers. And cilantro, though, as you can see here we used fresh chives and surprise, surprise…it was VERY delicious. Once you’ve emptied out and dressed the contents of your vegetable crisper you should sprinkle in some sesame seeds or finely chopped toasted peanuts because no one ever called you lazy. C

Things the internet told me last weekend…

  • I’m in a SUMMER SLUMP! I can’t help but feel like my summer should be a little more B-52-ish (wigs and beaches and convertibles and Fred Schneiders horse t-shirt and Fred Schneiders dance moves and also rose covered tree swings…) and less me marathon watching Orange is the New Black in front of a fan glaring out my window at the construction workers like some elderly shut in.
  • Maybe I need a engrossing book? The new David Sedaris is on deck and I’m open to any suggestions. Hint: My ideal book would probably involve a very witty gay man writing about an english wizard or witch who starts a magical cooking school in order to get over a relationship and learn about her/himself. Also it would be a mystery and also there would be recipes and pictures of said recipes. Is that a book yet? Why not?
  • Maybe I need to throw a party? Better yet, a party that does some work. Maybe a canning or a dumpling making party? OR TAMALES. Mmm.
  • Lastly, Town Hollow is about to have it’s one hundred post. I was thinking I should up my game a bit, and while I assumed that would mean sharpening my internet skills (and maybe starting to interview folks?) it could also involve blogging directly into a strand of DNA and just seeing where that takes me? C

#31 Run a Race…


Last Sunday I ran a 5k! I was a little skeptical but it turned out to be a great time. Apparently I’m game for anything that I get to do with some of my best friends ESPECIALLY if it has a theme and I get to wear a special outfit. So the Color Run fit the bill. I’m also willing to do this zombie 5k and probably any race that takes place at a vineyard and gives me wine at the end. C


True enough…


“Women are the only exploited group in history to have been idealized into powerlessness.”

– Erica Jong

(I wanted to add that I get nearly all my feminist theory from Lily Tomlin’s characters in various movies. This was from “Admission”, which was pretty…not good. And I don’t understand how that could be, because in addition to Lily Tomlin, it had Tina Fey and Paul Rudd. Sigh. A mystery for the ages…) C