Throwing Shade!


Well, holy shit you guys! Last week I had a whirlwind trip down to Minneapolis to see Throwing Shade Live at Lees Liquor Lounge. My friend Nick is also an admirer of the podcast so we bought up some tickets a few months ago and assumed we could make fans out of Scott and Andy by ensuring their attendance with promises of fancy restaurants and swank hotels. It worked!

We ended up going to Solera (a Tim Mckee joint) and blah blah blah, insert food descriptions here* and let’s fast forward to the show! (Is anyone a little freaked out that I don’t want to talk about the fancy ham and wide variety of spanish culinary glories? I am.)

So funny and so fun. I drank many little whiskey sodas and basked in the wood paneled glow of Lees, sitting with crossed fingers and increasingly crossed eyes in hopes that my Would You Rather would be picked and I’d get to meet Bryan and Erin on stage. Because on stage is the best place to meet people. And look! Look what happened!

Special thanks to Scott for capturing the action and taking all those lovely pictures with his ridiculously sleek, weapons grade camera (and to Nick and Scott in general for being so damn fun to speed vacation with!) C

*Overwrought descriptions of a multitude of tapas to be added at a later date…




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