Gravy Glamour Shots…


Before I went camping over the fourth with my parents, I had been contentedly eating yogurt for breakfast with a mix of seeds and dried fruit and some plum jam or maple syrup spooned on top. What an idiot I was! Because why the hell would you eat that when you can have biscuts and gravy? *Slaps Across Face* ANSWER ME!

Right. You wouldn’t. I’m the type of cook that isn’t interested in a recipe unless it has ingredients you have to treasure hunt for or a level of time consumption that people with real jobs would justifiably scoff at. As an example I offer you this duck sausage stuffed duck whose recipe was featured in Lucky Peach a few issues back. I’m going to make that someday. And I’m going to dirty every dish in the house and drink just a little too much white wine when I do.

But sausage gravy requires none of this fervor, and is still so unbelievably satisfying. I watched my folks make it on a cookstove and as I sipped my percolated coffee, five ingredients turned magically into Best Breakfast Ever. And here’s how I recreated it in my mosquitoless kitchen:

1. Brown the sausage. I used some of the chicken breakfast sausage Andy and I made in Grand Marais last winter, if you use pork sausage you might need to drain off some of the fat.

2. Pour in some milk. Don’t ask me, eyeball it.

3. Slowly sprinkle flour over top stirring gently until it thickens up a bit. Don’t put in too much or you’ll get gravy glue.

4. Pepper. More Pepper. (Bonus points for a little nutmeg)

5. Spoon over split biscuits. I had leftovers from dinner last night that emerged, conveniently enough, from a can. If you feel like showing off, the Lee Brothers have some biscuit skills they would be happy to share with you.

This recipe in all simplicity was a favorite of my Grandpa, who would stress the importance of striking the perfect balance between biscuit and gravy. Too much gravy and you have to get another biscuit and vice versa. This is, I think, the southern equivalent to the cereal/milk condundrum. C



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