Things the internet told me last weekend…

  • I’m in a SUMMER SLUMP! I can’t help but feel like my summer should be a little more B-52-ish (wigs and beaches and convertibles and Fred Schneiders horse t-shirt and Fred Schneiders dance moves and also rose covered tree swings…) and less me marathon watching Orange is the New Black in front of a fan glaring out my window at the construction workers like some elderly shut in.
  • Maybe I need a engrossing book? The new David Sedaris is on deck and I’m open to any suggestions. Hint: My ideal book would probably involve a very witty gay man writing about an english wizard or witch who starts a magical cooking school in order to get over a relationship and learn about her/himself. Also it would be a mystery and also there would be recipes and pictures of said recipes. Is that a book yet? Why not?
  • Maybe I need to throw a party? Better yet, a party that does some work. Maybe a canning or a dumpling making party? OR TAMALES. Mmm.
  • Lastly, Town Hollow is about to have it’s one hundred post. I was thinking I should up my game a bit, and while I assumed that would mean sharpening my internet skills (and maybe starting to interview folks?) it could also involve blogging directly into a strand of DNA and just seeing where that takes me? C

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