Lazy Tiger Salad…


We can’t stop eating this and here’s why:

1. You can put anything into it and it still tastes both delicious and virtuous.

2. The dressing is just two things. Rice wine vinegar (seasoned or season your own) and toasted sesame oil.

3. I’ve discovered I like cucumber peels in my boxed wine. (Also, ice cubes. What? It’s not as if I’m topping it off with Sprite! Jeesh. Like you’re so fancy…)


When the tiger salad craze began it looked more like this. But then i figured out that I could just grab anything in sight and cover it in that enchanted dressing and it would be rendered not only edible but delightfully so. But its really at its best when it hosts big pile of cucumbers with some sliced peppers. And cilantro, though, as you can see here we used fresh chives and surprise, surprise…it was VERY delicious. Once you’ve emptied out and dressed the contents of your vegetable crisper you should sprinkle in some sesame seeds or finely chopped toasted peanuts because no one ever called you lazy. C


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