Enough about the goddamn Tall Ships! Let’s talk about me…


Tall Ships, blah blah blah. Here is your requisitory topless lady pirate. Can we move on now? Because I’d really like to talk about how I’ve brought 100 priceless blog posts into this cruel, tourist laden world.

Horn, blown. Back, patted by myself. What should we do now? Is it goal setting time? Here’s what I’ve been thinking, feel free to chime in with your assorted wisdoms:

1. I get a big girl camera and escape from Instagram island.

2. I make virtual friends with other bloggers. (Saying that feels like asking to sit at a certain lunch table in middle school. I can almost feel my braces and smell the Caribbean Cool tinged panic…)

3. I start interviewing people who I find interesting. (Do I find you interesting? Stay tuned to find out for sure!)

Oh, and guys? Thanks for reading and sharing and egging me on. It honestly means the world to me. C



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