Things the internet told me last weekend…

  • Found and remembered fondly while looking for ukelele songs to butcher, The Rolling Stones sing Sweet Virginia.
  • Remember when I was bragging about how I’m too classy to drink 7up in my wine on ice? Well, I’ll know better then to go running my mouth like that again! Here it is, the “Red Wine of Summer” a.k.a the  Tinto de Verano,
  • I was listening to the Splendid Table podcast a few weeks back when Lucinda Scala Quinn was talking about her mom’s meatloaf. The words “spicy ketchup reservoir” lodged in my brain and have been haunting me ever since. I’m making it tonight and if it goes well, all my food will have reservoirs from here on out.
  • Man alive, I love The Selby. And I love it even more when it features a tiny perfect canal boat home. Especially the little stove with the green tile surround. And also especially the big plaid blanket on the bed. C

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