Summer colds are the weirdest of all the colds…


Ish. I’m taking a leave of absence this week to sit by the air conditioner covered in a blanket while moaning quietly to myself and sipping Alka-Seltzer Cold. See you on the other side of this phenylephrine bitartrate fueled vision quest. C


Vinegar is a food group…


I think it started with my trying to mcgyver Asian style noodles in what was an aggressively Minnesotan culinary landscape. With out any real concept of what those noodles might actually entail or that they even really existed (because this was early internet and Bemidji had just gotten a Chinese restaurant in, like,  1997…) I started eating what could be considered disgusting quantities of Ramen with white vinegar, brown sugar and black pepper.  To this day I still have a sort of Proustian memory of those noodles.

Now I realize that this craving for tangy and sweet is pretty wide spread through many culinary traditions. But as a teenager, putting brown sugar and vinegar on tuna noodle casserole while my mother looked on perplexed, I was sort of convinced that I had some sort of nutritional deficiency and that I was a few short steps away from becoming one of those people who eats potting soil or laundry detergent.

The years have passed and my interest in food has grown unchecked and some might say, invasively. I’ve since found any number of new ways to get vinegar into my diet at nearly each and every turn. For example:

1. Gastrique. Most notably the apple cider variety we have at The Scenic but I’m open to other options.

2. Shrubs. I made my first shrub from some mangy looking strawberries a few week ago and now I’m hooked. Good in cocktails but best in sparkling water from my beloved Soda Stream.

3. Quick Pickles. And slow pickles for that matter. And pickled beets and watermelon rind and any other of their strangely sweetly spiced brethren.

My newest aspiration is to start making the vinegar itself, and yesterday I ordered a vinegar mother online. I’m really excited. I think it will be like having sea monkeys…but more delicious? C

And now….


In this, the first of our interview series here at Town Hollow, we sit down with Jesse Whiting who is directing a very intriguing production of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Ernest. We met for lunch with Molly and Nick to discuss, amongst other things, the play, movies that aren’t about vampires and Jesse’s must have items for summer fun.

(The Importance of Being Ernest opens at 7:29 p.m. Aug. 16 in the Bangsberg Hall Theater at Bemidji State University. Other performances will be at 7:29 p.m. Aug. 17, 23, and 24 and 2 p.m. Aug. 18. Tickets cost $10 for adults and $5 for children and are for sale at Ken K. Thompson Jewelry, 1080 Paul Bunyan Dr. NW; Shannon’s Art and Soul, 313 Beltrami Ave. NW; and Iverson Corner Drug, 408 Minnesota Ave. NW. They also will be available at the door.)

C: So this is my first interview that I’ve ever done…

J: Oh yeah?

C: Yup, and I’m so glad it’s with you. So what I was going to do first was to Google interview questions…and then I thought it would be a good idea to just ask you all the questions that Oprah asked Maya Angelou…but then I read the interview and…

J: They were pretty specific to Maya Angelou?

C: A little too specific, yeah. So I guess we’re going to go real basic and I’ll just ask you to tell me about the play you’re working on now.
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Things the internet told me last weekend…


  • There’s something I really like about that song. I’m fairly confident that that something is Aimee Mann. And it has a sort of 90’s sadness that really get’s me between the ribs. Also, I don’t know who Ben Gibbard is and I don’t feel like googling it.
  • As an antidote to song induced sadness, look around and make sure you’re not at work. Ok, now go over to Britney Herself and watch the video Porn Sex vs. Real Sex. There! Don’t you feel better?
  • The Tumbler Lookalike Looks is destined to change the way I dress forever. Probably in what might be described as  a confusing yet fun filled way. There is an entry in which Ribeye with Creamed Spinach is turned into an outfit. I’m in love. It’s that simple. C

Tiny Sauna Daydreams…

It’s the first week of August and I’m CREAKY and toxic. I feel like a run and a sauna and a gallon of water would not be remiss. And though those featured above are beautiful and evocative of such things as vacation, naps and not having to perpetually make small talk while carrying hot plates of food, they are also not an option currently. So I’m going to go to the gym to do some inventive day dreaming. Maybe I’ll download some relaxing lake cabin noises for my iPod.

(Does any one feel sorry for me yet? Does it make you want to buy me one of these? Because I think this would be useful/terrifying to keep in our basement. And useful/terrifying is the most fun combo category of household goods!) C


Things the internet told me last weekend…

  • Remember how good this song is? I was in Bemidji last weekend and as always happens, craving driving music. You see, I usually opt for podcasts but being “home” always makes me want to go a little too fast down cattail lined roads with my windows down so the frogs can hear my sweet mix tape.
  • Town Hollow’s word of the day: Frondescence. As Summer Rayne Oakes explains:”I love the way the golden light shines through the tree leaves and reflects off the walls. There is a word for it: frondescence, which really means “foliage,” but summons in my mind great light and greenery.” See it in action when you tour her brooklyn loft over at Gardenista.
  • Cherry Tomatoes, Sweet Corn and Goat Cheese. Here are two options of how to deliver this blessed trinity to your mouth: Pizzas! Quesadillas!
  • And lastly, here is a picture of me and my nephew at the Science Center in Bemidji. They ran some tests and found that it would be scientifically unfeasible for us to get any cuter. C