Onesie Glamour…

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So the thing is…I bought a jumpsuit. A romper? Let’s call it a onesie. And then I bought another one. But the problem is (Yes, life is very trying at times…) they are both short style onsies and I find myself longing (desperately, folks…) for the 1970’s glamour that only a floor length onesie can provide!

You will know things have officially gotten out of hand when you see me at the grocery store squeezing melons in the yellow hooded number featured below. Feel free to schedule an intervention/onesie bonfire at that point. C



One thought on “Onesie Glamour…

  1. I really feel like the photo montage above is missing a picture. After all, when it comes to rockin’ onesies in a pant length you don’t have to look farther than your best friend to find a glamour shot.

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