Things the internet told me last weekend…

  • Remember how good this song is? I was in Bemidji last weekend and as always happens, craving driving music. You see, I usually opt for podcasts but being “home” always makes me want to go a little too fast down cattail lined roads with my windows down so the frogs can hear my sweet mix tape.
  • Town Hollow’s word of the day: Frondescence. As Summer Rayne Oakes explains:”I love the way the golden light shines through the tree leaves and reflects off the walls. There is a word for it: frondescence, which really means “foliage,” but summons in my mind great light and greenery.” See it in action when you tour her brooklyn loft over at Gardenista.
  • Cherry Tomatoes, Sweet Corn and Goat Cheese. Here are two options of how to deliver this blessed trinity to your mouth: Pizzas! Quesadillas!
  • And lastly, here is a picture of me and my nephew at the Science Center in Bemidji. They ran some tests and found that it would be scientifically unfeasible for us to get any cuter. C



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