True Enough…


“Living. I love Living. Now, you can Live or you can exist. I hate when people just exist. You know, they get up in the morning they brush their teeth they wash their face, they eat a breakfast, they go on and they come back home. And the next day, the same thing. I call that existing. To Live, now, is something else. You have to be around people. You have to do for other people every day. Do something everyday, anyway…for somebody else. That’s what I call living. And I love living.”

-Leah Chase

(So I think we all have to just admit that this lady is on to something here. Maybe you’ve been getting a little too cozy with your internet buttons and knobs and your couch divot? Have you been eating food out of the container and wearing only stretch fabrics? We’ve all been there. Some of us are there right nowBut today lets try to be productive members of society, ok? Besides, you finished House of Cards yesterday so that frees up some time. Now go put on some pants. No, not leggings. P-A-N-T-S. Thank you. C )


Things the internet told me last weekend…

  • Whist driving up to Cook to make with some movie making, Nyssa and Jerree  got “Royals” lodged firmly in my head. Also, please take note of that side part so that when I start to try to pull it off you can take me aside and calmly explain to me that I am not a beautiful teenage girl from the U.K. and this hairstyle is currently not allowed in my repertoire. (I will try to fight you on this but be strong!)
  • While we’re are on the subject of hair, I’ve been wanting to share this revelatory video from Xovain. I’ve taken all my old crochet hooks out of their sad retirement and put them in my vanity. This is an “allowed hair style” so long as I don’t start breaking out pigtails too often.
  • I’ve had a lot of really great halloween costumes. Like, way better than yours. Except you, girl who I saw at the Twins Bar two years back who was dressed in a STUNNING, homemade, and basically anatomically correct Vagina costume. You win forever. Where was I going with this? Oh yes! Check these out. C

Tiny On Wheels…

1. Dreadnaughtdarling 2. Wintechmodular 3.Unknown 4. Apartmenttherapy 5. Theflyingtortise

So all of these pictures are pretty great. But I could just LIVE inside of the third one clockwise. Just put on a color matching tank top and shorts and MOVE RIGHT IN. Every morning I’d water my porch crops and turn to my human faced dog and say “We are really doing a great job, aren’t we?” and he would wink at me knowingly. And then I’d retire inside and there would probably be quilts and cups of milky tea and train mysteries. C


Mom’s Mad…

My mom is mad that I’m being such a blog lazybones. She said she’s “Sick of looking at the jar of weird pickles”. I told her that I’m BORED WITH THE INTERNET. Which makes it sound as if I’m out climbing trees and gulping mouth fulls of brisk fall air and running barefoot through fields of pumpkins.

This is not the case.

Which brings me to my next point: Have you guys watched House of Cards? Can you tell me why It’s caused me to be attracted to Kevin Spacey?

ATP World Tour Finals - Day Eight

Other than that, I’ve just been fixating on tights and woolen socks and doing some deep investigative work on dining room table options. Here’s what I’ve turned up:


Serious journalism. SERIOUS JOURNALISM! C

Kimchi Pancakes…

This past week I interviewed the lovely Candace Lacosse for an upcoming post (also coming soon, an interview with the also lovely Marc Gartman!) and we had a brief tangent regarding Kimchi. All of which brought to mind this beast which has been lurking in my fridge occasionally spitting out some foul smelling liquids.


I brought him back from Bemidji on my last visit because Duluth doesn’t have an asian grocery. You know who does have an asian grocery? Solway. Which is the tiniest town (population 96) on the outskirts of Bemidji. It is also a thrift store and the owners play cards at a table in the middle of it all and are, by all accounts, terribly charming.

So today I made these kimchi pancakes from a recipe I found over at The Kitchn.

After lovingly arranging and photographing them next to the delicate little piles of quick pickles and cold roast pork, I turned off my camera and proceeded to eat handfuls of all of the above, standing up, while intermittently drinking milk out of the carton. Food blogging is, if nothing else, the truest depiction of actual life and always VERY CLASSY. C

Things the internet told me last weekend (Birthday Edition)….

Did you guys think I died from my summer cold? Don’t worry, I was just having a birthday week. I’m 31 now, which, I think, is officially a Grown Woman. It follows, then, that I can do what ever I want (see above).

Andy and I went to the Cities for my Birthday! Shout outs to:

  • Hotel 340 (beautiful old rooms with updating in all the right places…)
  • Everyday People (I always, ALWAYS find something good here. The one in St. Paul is my new favorite as it delivered onto me a dress with exceptionally voluminous sleeves that shows a lot of leg, two details that I treasure. My ideal outfit would be something along the lines of calypso sleeves and hot pants.)