Kimchi Pancakes…

This past week I interviewed the lovely Candace Lacosse for an upcoming post (also coming soon, an interview with the also lovely Marc Gartman!) and we had a brief tangent regarding Kimchi. All of which brought to mind this beast which has been lurking in my fridge occasionally spitting out some foul smelling liquids.


I brought him back from Bemidji on my last visit because Duluth doesn’t have an asian grocery. You know who does have an asian grocery? Solway. Which is the tiniest town (population 96) on the outskirts of Bemidji. It is also a thrift store and the owners play cards at a table in the middle of it all and are, by all accounts, terribly charming.

So today I made these kimchi pancakes from a recipe I found over at The Kitchn.

After lovingly arranging and photographing them next to the delicate little piles of quick pickles and cold roast pork, I turned off my camera and proceeded to eat handfuls of all of the above, standing up, while intermittently drinking milk out of the carton. Food blogging is, if nothing else, the truest depiction of actual life and always VERY CLASSY. C


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