Things the internet told me last weekend…

Well. Most of what the internet told me this weekend was gross and weird. This being because a few days ago I sliced my hand open while vigorously washing a rocks glass* and have spent the last few days intermittently crying about it and googling any and all information about tetanus, skin avulsions and the various incarnations of the phrase “Do I need stitches?” or “skin flap leave on?” But when that started to get old and my panic either got too intense or abated sufficiently I found time to enjoy the following:

  • There is an abandoned Wizard of Oz theme park from the 1970’s that opens for one magical weekend a year. Please take me to this.
  • How to best store onions and potatoes. Hint: It’s not in colorful bowls on your counter because that just grows weird smelling countercrops.
  • Ignore the ridiculous picture of a woman doing yoga with a baby (You’re not fooling me GISELE! That baby is two seconds from discovering the plug in behind your ornate curtains…) and enjoy the guided meditation by Rolf Sovik who has a voice like a robotic angel.

*said rocks glass was one of a  University of Wisconsin Superior matched set from the 60’s. Do you think I could leverage my injury for some student loan forgiveness? How about a new matched set of UWS rocks glasses? They were super cute right up until shattering and causing me nauseating bodily harm…C


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