Things the internet told me last weekend…

  • Well, well, well. Guess who didn’t know about Amanda Palmer until this week? Do you all find it endearing that I’m so sheltered? Is it like having an Amish friend or a feral child? At any rate, first I read a piece in an old Bust magazine that I checked out from the library (I love checking out magazines from the library even though they feel like they are covered with every germ and mysterious stain the world has to offer…)
  • Shortly thereafter all this Sinead/Miley nonsense started and I read Amanda’s Open Letter to Sinead, absolutely loved it (because it is perfect and you are to go read it immediately even though it’s long and you have no attention span) and then I fell hard and fast down a rabbit hole of video and interview.
  • Speaking of Miley, here is a video of a hedgehog heavy version of Wrecking Ball.
  • I’m hosting the Buzzed up Spelling Bee at The Red Star Lounge in Duluth tomorrow (Tuesday, October 8th) and it’s going to be a damn fine time. Important to note: They have redecorated the Red Star so if you want animal print pillows covered with a crust of sweat and liquor you’ll have to bring your own from home.
  • One more (It’s scary! Be brave!) from the Rabbit Hole:

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