The BuZzed Up Spelling Bee!


As the golden throated lady-killer Rod Stewart once said: Tonight’s The Night.

Come down to The Red Star and participate in (or mock from the sidelines) the BuZzed up Spelling Bee (Sign up from 8:30 till 9 and then we’ll commence with the spelling fun.)

As a special incentive to my readers, a special study guide can be unlocked if you read or have read every one of my blog posts and then comment below, finishing the following sentence in a way that is pleasing to my ego:

The thing that is so very great about Chelsy is that….

If for some reason the study guide doesn’t load it’s probably because you didn’t laugh hard enough at my jokes or perhaps your compliment wasn’t quite up to snuff. Feel free to try again or to pass this on to your friends so they can take a crack at it.

I’m excited for tonight! See you guys there! C


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