Guy Fawkes Night!

Here are the only pictures I managed to take of our Guy Fawkes Night. I really wanted to take more but I was swept away by friendship, gin cocktails and pork filled pastries. Clockwise, I present:

1. One of two effigies that met the fire that evening. I tried to make him look as much like Mr. Bill to offset HOW VERY CREEPY it is to burn effigies. The other effigy came via friend and neighbor Nic and had all it’s boy parts. We are nothing if not anatomically correct.

2. Bowler Hat Selfie. You may not realize that this is in fact a bowler hat because of how tiny it looks on my head, but it is, ok? If I haven’t mentioned it before, I have an exceptionally large head in order to contain all my face beauty and outstanding personality.

3. Aftermath. This doesn’t begin to show how much mud we all tracked into the house in our pork fueled merriment. That said, it was totally worth the hungover sweeping and mopping cycles that I completed the next morning.

(Ok, I lied. A few more photo stragglers are included below. If any friends have more pictures of the party would you send them on over?) C


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