Oh, Hello There! (Introducing Townhollow’s first annual Tub Week)

I fell off the ol’ Blog Wagon. It’s just been so chilly and cozy and full of things to do. I’ve decided that the best way to get back in the swing of things is to start with a solid week of Tubs. After all, the entire concept of a Tub encompasses all the chilly and cozy leanings that have been sabotaging my writerly productivity as of late. And so, here we go! The first of many:


(Via My Paradissi)

Plan of Attack: After systematically smelling that candle and each of those intruiging looking pump bottles, I would take that plant and throw it out of that super cool window, thus making room for a little plate of these gorgonzola and pistachio shortbread cookies and a glass of this wine. C


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