Hootch Pas Deux…


Remember that time we made hootch back at my apartment? Well I lugged the damn thing over to New House and it’s spent the last 8 months turning into a questionable liqueur. It’s sweet and sort of burny. Like fairy gasoline.

At any rate, it’s time to bottle it up. I’ve been saving champagne bottles from work and I bought the plastic stoppers and wire hoods at Wine Creations in Hermantown.

Tip: Maybe practice using your siphon tubing with water before you start bottling up your champagne? I did not, and, as a result, my house smells like a bunch of moms had a wine cooler party that got out of hand.


Once it’s in the bottles, wade through the puddles of wine on your floor and gather some sugar and a packet of champagne yeast. Sandor Katz (If you’ll recall, his book Wild Fermentation was the impetus for this, our first foray into wine making… ) recommends adding some sugar and a few grains of yeast to the bottles before sealing them up, wiping them off and putting them on a basement shelf before realizing they wouldn’t be warm enough there and then hauling them upstairs to hang out by your cookbooks on the mystery step in the littlest warmest room in the house. See?


Now we wait a month or so and hope that things get bubbly.  Stay tuned for an  La Troisieme Partie Party where we see what sort of palatable cocktails we can make with this hootch.  C


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