Mike Bredon v. Cohen Brothers

Uh oh! Twitter is afire with Handsome Dads carping about the glaring inaccuracies inflicted upon us by the careless, some would say downright reckless Cohen Brothers:



It seems like we just can’t count on these Hollywood BIGWIGS to accurately depict our fair city. If only there was a local film maker we could support in hopes of giving a more realistic version of Bemidji some screen time. If only…



Oh! There we go! From what I can tell Lazarus is a totally factual documentary about Bemidji wherein most of the people are zombies and the world revolves around Mike Bredon. Or maybe it’s a horror movie…

I get confused. At any rate, it certainly has some serious Bemidji cache, some amazing actors (Amongst many other fine examples, friend of Town Hollow Jesse Whiting makes an appearance*…) and I would assume that if Mike makes his $30,000 goal it will be quite the blockbuster. Show some monetary love over at the Lazarus Kickstarter Page, won’t you? C

* Oops. I have been notified that Jesse is NOT in Lazarus.  My bad. In my defense, I think that Jesse is in ALL movies.




One thought on “Mike Bredon v. Cohen Brothers

  1. Hm. So I found this blog via keywords “bemidji” + “film maker”. Happy to see other film makers from Bemidji.

    I used to know Mike’s brother in passing. Had a video production class together if I recall correctly. Hopefully, they’ll make it out here to Los Angeles someday.

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