Gone Plant Mad…


I went a little plant mad* the other day and crammed my car with a stifling assortment of discounted herbs (discounted because it IS August no matter my insistence that summer has only just begun…) and the most exciting of them all was this scented geranium. Just look at it’s unwieldy, devil may care demeanor! Just consider for a moment all the charming old timey flavors that sugar will wrestle from its leaves.


The Most Complex Recipe:

1. Grab a mason jar and layer in an inch or two of sugar and then tuck a leaf or two into the jar and cover with some more sugar.


2. Repeat. Pop a lid on it.


3. Forget about it in a sunny window for approximately two weeks.


4. Ok, now remember! And then, I don’t know… probably make a cocktail or frost some tiny cookies? Make little sugar cubes after daydreaming about these Angostura laced numbers? Sprinkle over your magical lawn strawberries? Which reminds me, have you all seen my magical lawn strawberries? Look!


Finding these carpeting my lovingly neglected yard was like finding a fairy in a empty can of Schlitz.  C

*Shout out to Anderson’s Greenhouse in Two Harbors. Super great assortment of plants and incredibly likable and knowledgeable people. Also, the lady who helped us had amazing jewelry/style. Worth. The. Drive.